About 30 trees along Napier Rd will be removed over the next fortnight, in preparation for the laying of the Havelock North section of the new Hastings to Havelock North water main.

They will be replaced with golden elms.

The pipe work in Napier Rd is scheduled to start in late June/early July.

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As the water main will be laid close to the grassed central median, within the root zone of the trees, the decision has been made to remove the trees rather than risk compromising their strength and health.

The trees are variety of species including gleditsia, plane, melia and liquid amber.

It is not expected that the tree work will have a major impact on traffic flows, with a single lane each way being kept open.

"Once the pipe is installed the trees will be replaced with new golden elms, chosen to match the stunning specimens in Karanema Dr," said Hastings District Council works and services committee chairman Kevin Watkins.

"With the removal required for this project, it is the perfect opportunity to replace them with something that fits in with other plantings in the village."

Until now, work on the new 4.8km water main has been concentrated on the Hastings side of Crosses Rd Bridge.

By the beginning of this month more than 30 per cent of the total length of the pipe had been laid, which was excellent progress, said Watkins.

In particular, progress along Crosses Rd and St George's Rd had been very pleasing. The trickiest sections had been in the main urban area in Hastings, requiring multiple road closures.

"We are only closing sections where we absolutely have to, for the safety of the public, work teams and the residents living in the affected streets," said Watkins.

"But we do know that these works are impacting on people's travel, and we are very grateful for the patience that people are showing."

A decision on the siting of a required pump station in Havelock North is still to be made, with further information on a second site being put together by council staff.

Public feedback on the proposed site in Bennelong Pl has led council to consider a second site on Karanema Dr.

The $10m project is a key part of the drinking water infrastructure upgrade plan being implemented by council, which in turn is a critical part of council's Drinking Water Strategy, designed to improve the resilience, capacity and flexibility of the drinking water supply network.