Oh yes indeed, it was a big day in London back on the weekend.

Thousands upon thousands descended on the city, as they do for such high-profile and media-saturated events.

And of course such events are shared with the rest of the world... it's not just a huge occasion to be embraced by the locals alone.

Basically, a large slice of the world watched.


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They watched the build-up and during that build-up recalled all the events which led this to happen.

And they watched the great crowds all bedecked in the appropriate colours take their places and wave their banners and flags.

The faces were jovial and expectant, and Mother Nature did everyone a favour by delivering a most wonderful day — blessed with sunshine.

You may have been half-a-world away but you could sense the growing anticipation and excitement as the cameras spanned out across the faces and the flags as well as took in the greater landscape of the city of London.

The big ferris wheel and the bridges over the Thames, and the Tower of London (of course) and the very distant green hills across the horizon.

A most fitting location for the great event, of course.

Because you don't hold such publicly-supported soirees anywhere but London.

So there they were... walking slowly into position as the great crowds watched on in expectant wonderment.

I'm sure their hearts were beating strongly, given the realisation they were being watched by millions and millions of people all over the world.

While those attending were left to their own thoughts and opinions, those who watched on television were hosted by a commentary team who went through all the fine details and explained the events as they occurred, although there were times for silence of course.

And at the end of the day all had gone well, except for a large contingent of those spectating guests who did not receive the result they had hoped for but hey, when it comes down to the FA Cup Final there can be only one winner, and on this great day of fanfare in London it was Chelsea... which was a delight for the home city but a disappointment for the guests from Manchester.

Oh, and on the other side of the city there was a big wedding taking place, which meant the numbers of police and general security crews required that day would have probably been close to the equivalent of the population of Hamilton.

Prince Harry married an American lady who has been in films.

And like the great FA Cup Final thousands and thousands of people turned up to watch the two sides, I mean the happy couple, walk up to the kick-off spot.

Prince Charles appeared to be the referee.

The only televisual downside to the wedding was the amount of it.

It's called overkill and unfortunately it leads people to declare "I'm over it"... which is understandable.

However, watching an event like this is heartening in that it is happy.

It draws people together and makes them happy.

They dress up and line the streets and cheer and wave because it is... happy-time.

And that is a most welcome thing in the wake of news that day of another shooting at a school in the states, hundreds lost in an aircraft crash in Cuba and homes being dissolved by lava in Hawaii.

Crikey, I nearly went and put that REM song Shiny Happy People on the player.

Mind you, there were probably about 25,000 people who ended the day grin-less and grumpy.

They are called Mancunians... and me... because I had a fiver on Man' United to win.

So anyway, the tying of the knot and lifting of the cup, hang on I'm getting tangled up in London outings here, was of course simply Chapter One in the latest edition to join the royal shelves.

The lovely couple will be watched and followed and when the day comes that an announcement is made to say they will become a mum and dad then the screens will once again succumb to Harry and Meghan fever.

Which I suppose is to be expected (forgive the pun) but I just hope this time they try and weave events outside of the scheduling of the FA Cup Final.

Mind you, the roar from the crowd as it is declared on the big screen that "it's a boy" or "it's a girl" would provide excellent half-time entertainment.