Police say it was lucky no pedestrians were injured during a fast and furious dispute which saw two motorists smash into each other, and drive on the footpath of one of Napier's busiest streets.

One person has been charged in relation to the incident on Thursday afternoon. The reckless chase started after a dispute between two people over the sale of a car in Napier about 4.20pm.

As a result, two cars were then driven "recklessly" through central Napier to Clive, about 10km away, and it appeared one vehicle was chasing the other.

At times the vehicles hit each other.


At one point vehicles were driven on to the footpath of Hastings St, just south of Farmers department store, and it was "very lucky nobody was hurt", a police spokeswoman said yesterday.

This main CBD stretch is often crowded with pedestrians and shoppers, and potentially workers given the time of the day the incident took place.

No injures have been reported.

A 50-year-old woman, the driver of one of the vehicles, had been spoken to by police and was charged with reckless driving, the spokeswoman said.

However police were still appealing for the public's help in locating the other car, and its driver which were involved in the dispute in Napier on Thursday afternoon.

The second vehicle was a 1999 green or blue Honda Accord with the registration plate YS5189.

The Accord had visible panel damage and a missing bumper.