Hawke's Bay is one of the most desirable regions to live in New Zealand.

The warm climate, the divine wine and wonderful views all make for a pretty special part of the world.

But one thing that remains consistent with other areas of the country is the low-lifes that insist on destruction.

It's petty vandalism that robs our region of its charm.


Take Napier's viewing platform on Marine Parade as an example.

You feel as though you are on the edge of the world looking out at the vast Pacific Ocean.
But that experience will feel much less surreal when the glass is replaced by steel bars if, or more accurately when, it is smashed again.

The viewing end of the platform over the waves was closed for several days this month after one of its three glass panels was smashed.

Napier mayor Bill Dalton said it was the fourth time vandals had smashed the glass.
He said any repeats of the vandalism could lead to a decision not to use a see-through barrier in the future.

Now Flaxmere has been the target of a spate of car fires over the past two weeks.

Emergency services were called to three in the early hours of Saturday morning and have also been investigating two that occurred last week.

Families have been left without transport so an arsonist can get a thrill.
It's baffling to most of us.

Why would anyone insist on causing such pointless damage, destroying our property and ridding our cities of unique landmarks?

It must take a pretty negative and soulless individual.