An Australian anti-vaccine campaigner and former long-time Queensland police officer has been fined $1000 and has had to pay reparation of $1600 after misrepresenting himself as a medical practitioner and injecting a diabetes sufferer in Hawke's Bay.

Christopher William Savage, 54, was appearing for sentence before Judge Bridget Mackintosh yesterday in Hastings District Court, having previously pleaded guilty to a charge of criminal nuisance.

It was the first conviction for Savage who had to remain in New Zealand for much of the time since his arrest in May as he awaited the outcome.

He was initially charged with assault using a hypodermic needle as a weapon, but that was withdrawn in August.


Savage had arrived in New Zealand in April and came to Hawke's Bay where he claimed to the diabetic sufferer he had a cure, and convinced the man to stop his prescribed insulin injections and start Savage's programme of alternative remedy.

It included emptying the man's pantry of foods Savage regarded as unsuitable, feeding him magnesium and ultimately injecting the patient, whose health deteriorated without the prescribed treatment.

After a second intravenous treatment, the diabetic had to be taken to hospital.

Having left Hawke's Bay but remaining in New Zealand, Savage told police the diabetic knew he was not a registered practitioner and consented to the treatment.

But yesterday Judge Mackintosh said a victim impact statement showed he was "angry and upset by the whole affair".

"There's not really a lot off remorse shown, I have to say," the Judge said.

The reparation comprised $600 of actual costs to the victim and emotional harm reparation of $1000.