Rush Munro's ice cream parlour is now serving organic lunches in a bid to get more people eating wholesome natural food.

Bostock New Zealand and Rush Munro's owner, John Bostock, says it has always been his vision to help educate others about the benefits of natural, wholesome food.

"We are bucking the trend by providing an accessible, healthy option. It's important that people know they can enjoy a wholesome organic meal without having to fork out a fortune."

On Heretaunga St West, Bostock New Zealand's Organic Kitchen will be dishing up lunches from Rush Munro's, offering a point of difference to encourage better food choices, where natural, pure ingredients are used.


An inEquality report released by Hawke's Bay District Health Board in 2014 revealed one in three adults is obese - one in two Maori and one in two Pacifica, placing Hawke's Bay above the national average.

Bostock New Zealand wants to help reduce those numbers and has invested in an organic kitchen where its 500 staff enjoy subsidised meals, along with the public.

Mr Bostock says serving up the organic lunches means more people can have the choice of a healthier option.

"We're strongly committed to educating more people about good food choices. Unprocessed food can be just as affordable and better for you," said Mr Bostock.

The organic meals cost $10 for a small serving and $13 for large and include restaurant-style, organic, free-range chicken, pork, beef, lamb and fish, combined with a variety of vegetables. Bostock New Zealand grows a lot of the organic produce. The organic lunches will be served from 11.30am to 1.30pm Monday to Friday. The first lunch will be dished up on July 21.

The weekly menu will be updated each week on the Bostock New Zealand website.