About 11 dozen eggs, near 10kg of bacon, 10kg of tomatoes and 10kg of bananas were on the menu for breakfast for the Commuter Challenge in February, and that was at just one venue on one day.

This year's Commuter Challenge, which saw cyclists making a special effort to bike to work or school and pick a free mega-breakfast on the way, has been hailed a success.

In Napier and Hastings more than 300 cyclists turned up for breakfast during the week February 15 to 19, some of them just on one day, but nearly half of them for either four or five days.

Those who managed four or more days put themselves in the draw for major prizes supplied by Hastings District and Napier City councils, each pack containing a $100 bike shop voucher and a range of cafe vouchers from eateries running alongside the cycle ways.


The Hastings winners were Jan Millar and Pretra Lagas, while the Napier recipients were Sarah MacKay and Keith James.

But they were not the only winners. Event organiser, Sport Hawke's Bay's Lyndal Johansson, said it was wonderful to hear the many stories from the cyclists about the way biking had changed their lives.

Among them was a cyclist who started biking just seven months ago after she had to stop working due to her health. She was now cycling every day, not just as part of her recovery but also as an everyday form of transport.

Another story came from a man who decided to take on the challenge of cycling 40 minutes each way to work for the week, which he had never done before. He did it and was feeling great by the end of the week and said he planned to continue to ride to work.

Ms Johansson said the event was part of the National Bike Wise Week, aimed at getting more people out and active on their bikes.

"It's a lot of fun and very communal as we all gather for breakfast. The weather was great this year, and that helped draw the numbers. It's an event that can change lives a few at a time, and those people who take up the challenge encourage others."

All the breakfast food, and the cooks, were supplied by the businesses which hosted them.

Langley Twigg Law got through an impressive 130 eggs, near 9kg of bacon, 10kg of tomatoes and 10kg of bananas, while Hawke's Bay Regional Council reported cooking up seven kilograms of bacon at its breakfast.

The breakfasts in Hastings were held at MP Craig Foss's office, at Mitre Mega 10, Adam and Eva's Caf with Revolution Bikes, at MWH, and Avanti Plus with Bakers Delight.

In Napier, breakfasts were held at the office of MP Stuart Nash, Visique Bennett and Pearson Optometrists, Geoffrey Clark Bike Shed, Hawke's Bay Regional Council and Langley Twigg.