A modest crowd by previous years' standards has given mixed reactions to the Mission Concert headlined by international group Simply Red.

Some revellers said despite the band's brilliance, the crowd was let down by poor organisation.

Thirsty concert-goers also said they waited for up to three-quarters of an hour to get a drink, while peckish patrons were reportedly made to wait about 30 minutes for food.

Mission Estate Winery chief executive Peter Holley apologised for the queues.


"We didn't get it right."

He said unforseen issues around staffing, licensing and sheer weight of numbers left them short for a good 45 minutes. "People in the queue at that time experienced unnecessary frustration."

A full investigation into the cause of the queues was under way and he was satisfied they would find a way forward.

Another common complaint of crowds was the fact the show wrapped up a little after 9 o'clock, the scheduled finish was for 9.40pm.

Mr Holley said the show may have felt a bit short as they had no intermission.

"A bit more banter between songs and it would have stretched out a bit but I think people just wanted more."

He said it was a good sized crowd, just on 4000, which allowed for more elbow room and a high degree of comfort.

Despite the organisational gaffe, Simply Red salvaged the show with a "polished and professional performance".

Jenny Blok said Simply Red were indeed fantastic, but the venue organisers still "seem to have their heads in the sand sadly".

She said a 45 minute wait for wine in a vineyard is nothing more than poor planning.

"Surely you know the numbers before the day and hire the appropriate staff and resources.

"It would need to be a special act to get me back to the Mission I am afraid."

Jim Hubbard was in the seated area and said all around him were people staggered at the show finishing so early.

"It was scheduled to finish about three-quarters of an hour later than it did.

Queues for wine and beer before the gig were ridiculously long , and staff were not coping."

Mr Hubbard said the seating was cramped and the seats cheap, unsteady and uncomfortable.

"The Mission show promoters need to take a long look at themselves."

Peter Roch said Simply Red were faultless in their production and presentation.

"Unfortunately, the evening was spoilt for many when they arrived by having to queue for over an hour for a wine or a beer and only slightly less time for a pizza or tacos."

Meanwhile, others were full of praise. "It was excellent! I'm still grinning," Gloria Kelly said.

Clare Mead said Simply Red was excellent. "Best concert ever."

Michael Purvis described the concert as "absolutely brilliant".