The grounds are perfect, entries are up and the sideshows are ready and waiting - it's show time for the Dannevirke and Districts A&P Association.

"The only thing I can't control is the weather," association president Brian Beale said yesterday.

"But really, the most important weather days are today and yesterday so we can have dry sheep for the two shearing events today."

Mr Beale said the 106th show had come together seamlessly.


"It all falls into place so well. We had 25 volunteers working here on Monday night and the grounds are looking the best I've ever seen."

With great entries in the equestrian section and increased numbers of cattle entered, Mr Beale said support had been wonderful.

"This year in the cattle section there is a lifestyle class which has brought in more breeds."

In a change this year the final judging of the cattle section will take place in the oval in front of the grandstand tomorrow afternoon, after the terrier racing at 2pm.

"It's all about switching it up and making changes every year," Mr Beale said.

A new attraction is the outdoor movie at 9pm tomorrow night in front of the bandstand and the very popular sheep racing also returns tomorrow, with three shows throughout the day.

"It's time to bring it on," Mr Beale said.