Tree felling specialists this morning got under way with a big job on a big tree at Taradale - a job which will take two days and which has drawn nearby residents outside to watch.

The tree is a redwood on a property on the corner of Ngarimu Dr and Church Rd and is believed to be more than 90 years old.

One local man, a 70-year-old, said it was there when he walked to school along Church Rd when he was eight.

"But it wasn't that big then of course."


He said the tree had simply got too large, and said he had seen in the past branches breaking and hanging off.

Another bystander, who said the tree was something of a landmark, did drop "heaps" of pine needles across the area and said it appeared to have outgrown the neighbourhood.
"I expected to see it go some time."

He believed the large root system may also be close to some pipelines.
The tree had been planted when the western side of Church Rd was a reserve and the town side was orchards.

Houses were effectively built around the large trees.

Tree surgeons began trimming the lower branches away and moved up the 60m tree to take off the top branches.

The top half of the tree would be taken off in sections and the main trunk felled on Friday.

Redwoods are not protected trees.