Napier MP Stuart Nash has brushed off calls from Tukituki MP Craig Foss to back the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement.

"I back the Bay 110 per cent. It is what I said I would do and it is what I have been doing ever since I have been in Parliament," said Mr Nash.

Yesterday Mr Foss accused the Napier MP of of being "anti-jobs" and "anti-growth".

"The TPP will open up huge new opportunities for our exporters. It would be inconceivable for New Zealand and Hawke's Bay not to be part of a trading block that represents 40 per cent of global GDP," said Mr Foss.


"Hawke's Bay's core industries - apples, wine, meat, tourism - will save millions in tariffs annually, meaning more money flowing back into the region.

"Mr Nash has repeatedly spoken out against the TPP, even attending an anti-TPP rally in August. His stance is anti-jobs and anti-growth.

"I am backing our exporters as world's best producers of quality value-added products and services.

"I urge Mr Nash to back our exporters and our region by backing this agreement."

However, Mr Nash stood resolute, saying his stance on the agreement was the same as the Labour Party's - "let's see the final version of the TPP before we make any rash decisions".

He said not only did he back the region's producers and exporters, Labour's policy was very pro-free trade.

"We are 100 per cent for free trade, however just not at any cost," he said.

"If the the TPP all it is made out to be and once we have seen the final text of it and it promises good things for Hawke's Bay, if it is that, then I will back it.

"Let's just the see the final version of the TPP before we make any rash promises."