While some are not happy with the rainy weather local farmers and growers are thriving.

Farmer Bruno Chambers described the December rain as "an early Christmas present."

For farmers the entire equation has changed in a positive way. A week prior to the rain Mr Chambers said the stock prices were dropping and they were looking to sell off.

But since the rainfall they can now afford to hold on and be the "price setter rather than the price taker." Mr Chambers said he had time to allow the lambs to put more weight on and sell in his own leisure.


Local wine grower, Nicholas Buck said the vineyards were going well at this point and they had good growth from the weather over spring and early summer. "For photosynthesis to happen you need water" so at this point the rain came at a good time, allowing them to put off irrigation.

Mr Buck said they would appreciate a bit more sun, but at this stage the vineyards are in a good place and "all is well".

Local summer fruit and pip fruit grower Stewart Burns welcomed the rain and reported 38ml fell since Thursday. He said this December's rainfall was much better than last year and they were seeing some quality fruit. Like Mr Buck he also hoped for sun and warmth, as cooler temperatures were effecting the fruit from lightening. For others, the low pressure was not welcome but for most of the week it won't be improving. MetService's John Law said a cooler feel with easterly winds would hit the region.

During the middle of the week there will be an overload of pressure from the north and west causing the northeasterly winds to rise. This will bring patchy drizzle and longer periods of rain.

From Friday an improvement is expected as it turns to a northwesterly. The temperatures will also rise towards the end of the week reaching the mid-20s.

The weekend should have some proper summer weather.

Mr Law said everyone just had to get through the week.

MetService's Gerard Barrow said: "We are seeing an improving trend with the rain," and many will hope this is the case with Christmas around the corner.