The Hawke's Bay cycling fraternity now has the option to take their wheels on the bus - bike racks have been installed on 14 goBay buses that operate along main routes.

The joint initiative between Hawke's Bay Regional Council, the New Zealand Transport Agency and Go Bus Transport Ltd was planned for 2014, however an agreement was reached to install the racks immediately.

Regional council transport manager Carol Gilbertson said the bus bike racks would make public transport a practical travel option for even more people, who will now be able to cycle from the bus stop to their final destination, which may not be on the public transport network.

"There has been significant demand for this service, and that coupled with the increased number of pathways and cycle tracks meant it made sense to install the bike racks now,"she said.


The racks can carry two bikes at a time and there will be no charge for bikes, but passengers will be responsible for loading and unloading their own bikes.