Torrential rain on Thursday June 13 at the Dannevirke Winter Ewe sale did not deter a large number of farmers bidding strongly for the 7000 ewes and lambs PGG Wrightsons and Carrfields Livestock offered.

PGG Wrightsons had a large offering of 4600 capital stock two-tooth and 4-year-old ewes from Houkura Farms and Tuscan Hills, both of which have recently changed hands. Tuscan Hills is destined for forestry while Houkura Farms will continue to run livestock.

Despite the heavy rain buyers could see the Romney ewes were in excellent condition and three of the pens of two-tooths sold for over $200/head, the top price of $214 going to Tuscan Hills. The remainder ranged between $161 and $197/head.

Prices were a fraction lower for the ewes, the top price of $200 going to Houkura Farms and the rest of the 2700 stock ranging from $170-190.


There was also a substantial yarding of 605 ewe lambs from other sources, the top price of $131 per lamb going to SC Brown for a yarding of 223 and the rest down to $110.

These pens of capital stock two-tooth ewes sold for between $150 and $214 each.
These pens of capital stock two-tooth ewes sold for between $150 and $214 each.

Carrfields Livestock yarded 781 stock, predominantly lambs with a similar price range, two large yardings of mixed age and six-tooth ewes making $184 and $166 respectively.

Stock agents called it a fair sale. PGG Wrightson's Mark Crooks said it was a pity the rain prevented the Tuscan Hills ewes from looking their best but they were quality animals with a reputation built up over generations of farming.

He said buyers came from as far as Gisborne and the South Island drawn by this rare opportunity and prices were as good as any in recent sales about the country.

PGG Wrightson auctioneer Bjorn Anderson said it was a good sale in trying conditions and his counterpart for Carrfields Phill Robson said prices were as expected.

"Whether you were a buyer or seller, both would have gone away happy with the sale," one buyer said.

PGG Wrightson's auctioneers sell these lambs in the extreme weather at Dannevirke on Thursday June 13 on behalf of SC Brown for the top price of $131 per lamb.