Before the Whaka100 main event yesterday, riders put their speed to the test in the Rotorua Isuzu Shoot Out on Saturday.

Riders set off at one at a time at intervals of 30 seconds in a time trial to complete the 1.9km course. The fastest rider sat on the hot seat until a faster rider knocked them off. The male and female riders left sitting on the hot seat at the end won the $250 cash prize and the overall top riders in each of the 100km, 50km and 25km gained seeding priority for Sunday's Race.

Josie Wilcox, of Manawatu, was first in the female time trial after knocking Ruby Ryan off the hot seat, while Wellington's Maxwell Wickens won the male time trial after knocking Cosmo Bloor off the hot seat with a 0.9s difference in time.

Wilcox was happy with the win and said despite coming off and feeling flustered, she still felt prepared for the Whaka100 tomorrow.


"It feels good to win, it's a bit of a confidence booster."

Wickens said winning the shoot out was an awesome feeling.

"I'm stoked. Last year I had a back injury so it's good to be here in full strength. I haven't done a mountain bike marathon race before, so I will be pacing myself in the Whaka100 tomorrow."

Event director Tim Farmer said he was pleased with how the day went, with so many spectators out enjoying the good weather.

"I couldn't think of a better way for Whaka100 weekend to start. It was awesome to see some riders doing it for fun, as well as those doing it to get a good result."

Top Five Males
Maxwell Wickens 5m 15.4s, Cosmo Bloor 5m 16.49s, Connor Johnston 5m 20.627s, Brad Jones 5m 22.93s, Sam Shaw 5m 27.557s.
Top Five Females
Josie Wilcox 6m 6.067s, Ruby Ryan 6m 20.780s, Mary Gray 6m 34.323s, Imi Blance 6m 40.473s, Poppy Buissink 6m 43.373s.

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