Air conditioning and heating systems provide safe, clean air inside the house.

Some of the most energy efficient and cost effective air conditioning/heat pump systems are helping cool homes in the baking summer heat.

Jim Bullock, director of Hawkes Bay-based ColdRite Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Ltd, says the systems - manufactured by Daikin - are the first choice for new and existing home owners.

"As new homes are well insulated along with double glazing they do not require a lot of heating," he says. "However they become ovens in summer with our constantly changing environment and cooling in summer is therefore just as important as heating in winter."

Bullock says Daikin is the world's largest manufacturer of heating/cooling systems due to its ongoing investment into technology: "It produces the most cost effective and energy efficient systems available and has new models frequently coming onto the market."


An example is the recently released Daikin Cora U series R32 refrigerant Hi-Wall system. Complete with Wi-Fi control along with a 2 area intelligent eye, it can direct air away from you or towards you for a draught-free operation.

Bullock says with efficiencies up to seven times greater than any other heating source, it offers lower heating costs - and the advantage of safe, clean air and convenience.

Ducting-house. Photo / Supplied
Ducting-house. Photo / Supplied

However Bullock cautions people looking to install a heat pump to make sure they contact a reputable and qualified air conditioning/heat pump company.

"Don't be fooled by sales people saying their brand is the quietest on the market," he says. "This is very misleading and not quite correct as all the good brands are very quiet on low speed.

"There are several non-qualified companies who claim they are able to size and install heat pumps – and we get called to help and service these systems when they are not performing and where customers have either forgotten who installed them or are unable to contact the original supplier."

He says in the majority of these cases we find the systems are either under-sized, positioned incorrectly or an inferior brand: "This also makes them inefficient and very costly to run and is causing our industry a lot of negative publicity."

Air-conditioning Technician. Photo/Supplied
Air-conditioning Technician. Photo/Supplied

Bullock says warranty is also a big problem when it comes to who pays to rectify the problems.

"Do your homework and select a reputable air conditioning/heat pump company along with a good brand," he says. "Don't be fooled by so-called specials or deals or people canvassing by phone or door-knocking. We have never seen a special or a deal on any brand unless it's a run out model.


"How can companies offer deals unless they inflate the price then offer a discount?"

He says Daikin systems are approved by the Asthma Respiratory Foundation NZ's Sensitive Choice programme which, among other aims, encourages manufacturers and suppliers to produce products and services that are asthma and allergy friendly.

ColdRite offers maintenance and repairs on all brands.

"You can always count on ColdRite experts to get to you fast and get the job done right the first time," he says. "We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your heating and air conditioning problems and fix them fast."

Coldrite are at 714 Karamu Rd, Hastings. Ph 06 878 2121 or visit