Mayoral Candidate Murray Guy says Mauao repairs should cost $100k, instead of the $5.2m to $6.8m estimated last month.

"This Council proposes to spend in the region of $6 million," Guy said. "I've done my own due diligence, I've had qualified civil engineers there - we consider the work could have been achieved, people walking around Mauao pushing their prams, within a couple of weeks, for less than $100,000."

In a video interview with Local Focus, Guy advocates for zero rates increases and fixing transport issues.

Guy was elected as a Te Papa Ward Councillor in 2001, and remained on council until 2013.


Six years away from the Council has given Guy a clearer perspective of being a resident in Tauranga, he says.

"Through the eyes of a ratepayer and a regular person, it's quite different.

"I've really struggled, to be honest, to sit here and listen to some of these issues. The poor folk at the Lakes, Bella Vista, the efforts of the elected members who tried to buy their property at a valuation from three years ago."

Guy says transport is one of the biggest issues in Tauranga.

"We've got growth in our city, and I'm consistently hearing that being used as the reason
why our rates must go up. I totally reject that, it's a false premise. It's bollocks," he said.

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