Officials are warning residents and businesses in Tauranga's harbour areas to prepare for flooding.

Tauranga City Council says a combination of king tides and incoming heavy rain and strong wind from a low pressure system connected to Tropical Cyclone Fehi could result in water coming over north and east facing harbour walls.

The danger period was from Thursday afternoon until Friday evening, with possible stormwater ponding on Friday morning.

Heavy rain was predicted for Friday morning as well as winds of 40 to 50km/h from the north.


We have some bad weather coming our way. There is a chance that some water may come over north and east facing harbour...

Posted by Tauranga City Council on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Manager of emergency management Paul Baunton said the weather coming Tauranga's way was not as bad as the January 5 storm that caused water to come over the harbour walls.

"This overtopping may not happen, but we want to warn residents and business of the potential for overtopping, so they can prepare for it," Baunton said.

Flooding on the Hairini Bridge during the january 5 storm. Photo/John Borren
Flooding on the Hairini Bridge during the january 5 storm. Photo/John Borren

"Anyone living or working in a low-lying property near adjoining north or east facing harbour margins that flooded on 5 January need to be aware of the potential for overtopping to occur and prepare accordingly.

"This may include sandbagging, lifting important items off the floor, having an emergency getaway bag prepared and a safe place to go if you think you need to self-evacuate."

Flooding specialists had warned the council of an increased risk of overtopping this week.

"Part of the work we undertook with our specialists was to understand if the potential for overtopping of the harbour margins for the king tides may occur again."

The key drivers behind the harbour flooding in early January were severe winds, the direction that wind came from, an unusually high king tide and a very low pressure system passing over the Bay of Plenty.

The council was doing normal storm preparations and would have contractors on standby.