I've always been a strong advocate for organ donation.

After reading recent stories of Tauranga locals faced with the hard reality that if they don't get a transplant their days are numbered, I'm even more convinced we should all be willing to be a donor.

In recent weeks the Bay of Plenty Times has reported on the plight of Frankie Egglestone who desperately needs a new kidney as well as Nikki Reynolds-Wilson, who recently received a new set of lungs and Epi Ronaki who has just had a liver transplant.

All three have children who would be left without a mother, or father, without the life-saving surgery.


If we can do something to help, why not?

I'm not saying we should all be live donors like Ms Egglestone's friend Lianne Bateman - that's a huge call to make.

But once we have taken our last breath we don't need our organs anymore - they are only going to rot in the ground or be burnt to ashes.

If you don't need them and they are still in good working order, why not donate them to someone who needs them - a parent, spouse or child facing an early death.

Why risk leaving another family facing the same grief as your family would be facing?

I encourage more people to consider being an organ donor - as far as I'm concerned there is no reason not to be.

You can only do good.

Next time you're renewing your drivers licence make sure you tick the organ donation box - and make sure your family know your wishes and will follow through with them.