The Tauranga Women's Refuge has been gifted a new people mover.

The refuge, which homes women suffering from domestic violence, lost one of its vehicles last month after the vehicle broke down on the Kaimai Range and the refuge had been unable to replace it due to increasing financial concerns.

Two vehicles are needed at all times for transporting women and children to and from the safe house.

Tauranga Women's Refuge manager Angela Warren-Clark said the generosity of Farmer Autovillage along with Sally's Angels Giving Circle through the Acorn Foundation who gifted the charity the eight-seater, had been overwhelming.


"It's just gorgeous. Another refuge staff member and I looked at each other and just said, 'wow' when we saw it. It's amazing. It's so much more than we ever expected.

"It's everything we needed, and even has a backing camera which is perfect to have around the safe house with children around all the time. We just walked in, and we had a new car. It was so quick and seamless."

Acorn Foundation general manager Nicky Wilkins said after reading about the plight of the Tauranga Women's Refuge vehicle, they immediately wanted to help and contacted Farmer Autovillage to see about assisting with a van.

"Sally's Angels donated $6,000 through the Acorn Foundation and Farmers Autovillage provided the balance," she said.

"This shows the power of collective giving for a collective good. Thank you to Sally's Angels, for without your generosity this would not have happened."

Michael Farmer, of Farmer Auotvillage, sent the the Tauranga Women's Refuge away with a full tank of gas, new registration and warrant of fitness for their new vehicle too.