NZTA is predicting heavy traffic for Bay residents, based on previous travel patterns.

The heaviest traffic is predicted over the Kaimais to Tauranga on SH29 between 10am and 12pm today, with predicted congestion throughout the day until 5.30pm.

SH2 between Paeroa and Tauranga is also expecting heavy traffic between 10am and 3.30pm, and congestion until 6pm.

Transport Agency's regional performance manager Karen Boyt said they expected thousands of travelers to hit the roads this weekend.


"Last Easter traffic on State Highway 25A in the Coromandel increased by 77 per cent and other roads such as State Highway 2 (SH2) increased by more than 40 per cent.

"State Highway 29 (SH29) over the Kaimai Range went up by almost a third when compared to a regular summer day," she said.

They have developed a map to show the peak holiday traffic times, which can be accessed at