After scouring the internet for seven days, Mount Maunganui man Jonas Ruf has been reunited with his stolen caravan and will be making good on his promise of a $1000 reward.

Jonas Ruf at the spot where his caravan was stolen. Photo/file
Jonas Ruf at the spot where his caravan was stolen. Photo/file

Mr Ruf, a German expat, was left heartbroken after the caravan he spent six months revamping and rebuilding was taken outside his home under the cover of darkness last week.

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Mr Ruf offered a $1000 reward and appealed online to anyone who might have spotted the vehicle. The appeal went viral, with the original post being shared more than 2330 times.


The incentive also sparked dozens of sightings, some suggesting the vehicle was on sale in the South Island.

Yesterday, Mr Ruf got the phone message from police he had hoped for.

"I got a message saying 'we've got your caravan'. I couldn't believe it," Mr Ruf said. "I'm so happy."

The caravan was found inside a Papamoa shed, after a tip-off from the public.

Jonus Ruf's caravan, before.
Jonus Ruf's caravan, before.

Mr Ruf said the person who spotted the caravan has asked for privacy but would definitely be receiving the $1000 "and a few beers" as originally promised.

Mr Ruf offered the reward as part of the online appeal, mostly through various Facebook pages.

"The whole community is amazing," Mr Ruf said.

"Every night after work I spent five hours behind my laptop looking at where else I could post it and it's gone off.

"I'm quite happy that I don't give up so easy," he said.

"That's how I am in a way. I don't give up."

Jonas Ruf's caravan, after his renovations.
Jonas Ruf's caravan, after his renovations.

Mr Ruf said he was grateful to everyone who offered help. He said police made an arrest yesterday but it was understood they were still looking for the main offender.

Police could not be reached for comment last night.