Beauty and the Geek star Zac Klavs is home in the Bay after a whirlwind year juggling filming in Fiji and studying for a law degree.

The show, up to episode 5 this week in New Zealand, "takes socially awkward guys and stupid girls" where they are "meant to learn from each other".

So called geeks are paired up with beauties and have to compete in challenges in order to win a grand prize of A$100,000 ($106,000).

Former Otumoetai College student Mr Klavs sent in his application for the reality TV show as a joke.


"You know how everybody has one really good drinking story, this is my one. Some mates and I had just finished our first law paper, so we all decided to go into town and have a few drinks. At three in the morning we ended up getting pizza at this place and there was a TV in the corner playing random shows and an advert advertising for applicants for the show came on.

"So we all decided to sign up as a joke, four or five of us did.

"Nothing ever comes from that stuff but then Monday morning I got a call.

"She said we have read your application, we want you to come over for an interview."

Mr Klavs said he went along to the interview thinking "let's see how long we can carry this joke on for".

"When I was in Sydney I then got told I was going to Fiji to be on the show and I thought to myself this has got to be the best joke that has ever happened."

This year's show was filmed in Fiji from April to June last year. Mr Klavs said he did not think he had any bizarre geeky traits or qualities that would have made him a stand out in the interview process.

"I'm intelligent and I have never had to study for a test in my life but that's it.

"I don't collect comic books, I don't watch weird Japanese cartoons.

"The only slightly geeky attribute I have is an interest in art house films."

Bu he did have confidence and the ability to talk with practically anyone, he said.

Mr Klavs said he was surprised he was told his own clothes were "too trendy" and was given a new wardrobe soon after filming started.

"They dressed me down, they wouldn't let me cut my hair, they gave me horrible glasses, they even made me wear tube socks and sandals.

"My mother would shoot me before she let me buy clothes like that."