Havelock North naval trainees have gathered together on Anzac Day to remember their friend and navy brother Zac Yarwood.

Fellow naval trainee Robert Barker said Yarwood had been on his mind a lot in the build up to Anzac Day.

"He has crossed our minds a lot this week because Anzac Day is about remembering those who served and those who are no longer with us, and for us it'll be tough because he is the first person we've come across in our careers who has died."

Barker said Yarwood was just one of the group and a real friend and good mate to have around with them and get to know.


"He was one of the boys," he said.

"We would all get together and go out drinking and he was just a really good mate."

The group didn't have any big plans to honour Yarwood but planned to "raise a glass" to him.

The trainees are only four months off finishing their 14 months of training but for Barker it has been something he has wanted for most of his life.

Zachary Yarwood.
Zachary Yarwood.

"When I was 8 I went on a naval ship and you know being that age and seeing all the guns it's all pretty cool, but over the years I started to see the work they really do and the patriotism they show which was really the driving factors of why I joined," Barker said.

Anzac Day has always been an important part of Barker's life but it could be one of his last services in New Zealand for a while because his training finishes soon and he will soon be deployed.

"Mum and Dad always took me to Anzac services and we grew up always being told the importance of it.

"But this time next year I could be in Asia, Canada, Hawaii, we could be anywhere."