To the lowlife who stole my Visa card in Henderson or New Lynn on Sunday, using it to top up your phone is easily traceable, and the bank is doing just this. Sleep easy.


Thanks to Westfield Manukau City and the NZ Ballet - my daughter, two grandchildren and I had a magical afternoon at the ballet on Saturday.



To the driver of the white Toyota who does an illegal lane change every weekday morning turning right on to the motorway at Tristram Ave, you have nearly caused a major accident each time. Queue with everyone else.


A heartfelt thank you to the passersby in Grey Lynn that came to the aid of my 12-year-old son. He'd slipped and fallen face-first on to the pavement, breaking his tooth, looking bloody and in shock. It's comforting to know the community can act with care toward a distressed child.


Upgraded on Emirates as a treat only to be told on check in that there is no lounge access. Was supposedly in the fine print but no email was sent by the airline. Not a huge deal, but it leaves a bad taste.


Last Wednesday a fellow teacher and I were dining at Et Tu, Te Atatu peninsula before taking students to a dance performance. I couldn't finish my calamari, so I offered them to a gentleman sitting nearby, as they were too good to throw away. When we went to pay, that gentleman had paid for our entire meal. Thank you kind stranger!

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