This time can be used as a time to start exploring your interests more and spend quality time with those around you. I have appreciated the morning sleep-ins, brunch, working in my robe and mostly spending time with my family.

With everything going on we need to do our part and take care of ourselves which in return you'll be taking care of others by staying home.

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I spoke with Jess, 19, now classed as an essential worker who said: "It is mind-blowing seeing people still hanging out with their friends or disrespecting simple rules that are put in place for our own health and safety. I will be so disappointed if this lockdown carries on for more than necessary."


It has been a crazy rollercoaster of emotions going through this lockdown period and still coming to work every day knowing things have changed. I feel valued hearing customers come up to me and say, "thank you for working while we stay at home".

It is good to switch off devices and spend some time outside during the lockdown. Photo / Supplied
It is good to switch off devices and spend some time outside during the lockdown. Photo / Supplied

We can all help our mates who are working through this time by getting creative while being home. On the worldwide web we are limitless to what we can learn with things such as app stores where we can download tools that teach us skills, learn a new language, play games, get active, connect and share.

In saying all of that it is also good to switch off devices and spend some time outside, playing with pets, gardening, meditating or even doing some yoga. The Government's official Covid-19 advisorywebsite

There is so much time on your hands now to do everything you've wanted to do but just haven't had the time for. If you're feeling stuck, start off with a dream board and put together all your goals, foods you like, things to make, countries and cultures you want to learn more about.

Then stick to a routine but encourage every day to be different. Remember if you are struggling to adjust and you want somebody to talk to 1737 is a free call/text for a listening ear.

Tiktok Competition

We are all in this together. Get involved, how about this competition:

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• Anahera Pickering is community outreach co-ordinator at Whangārei Youth Space. She can be contacted at .