I recently had the misfortune of visiting my old stomping ground, Auckland.

Somewhere, along the way, I had an encounter with some younger generations, one of whom, wasted no time into bitching to me how frantically busy she was, as we shared a pre-arranged lunch that we had all financially contributed to, courtesy of Uber-Eats.

This particular young lady also happened to have special dietary requirements. Don't get me wrong, the food was perfectly edible but the fact it was ordered to be most palatable to only one of a group of ten, p*ssed me off.

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Does that make me intolerant ... maybe it does, but do I give a crap? Hell, no.
What are you going to do? Send me to the "naughty step" for a time-out?

Another case of PC gone mad. Ignoring the majority to cater for the minority ... keeping one happy at the expense of many more.

It's gluten-free, vegan bollocks.

And as for her claim of being busy ... I nearly brought the house down with laughter whilst almost choking on my pricey, imposed lunch. The perfect example of having someone else literally shoving their views down your throat.

And what the hell is "busy" anyway? It's gone from being an adjective/verb to a misconceived concept that has been adopted by those who desperately seek justification for the hours they spend online.

Swipe right if you agree.

For many, it's become an addiction.

Just what are the contents of all these supposed super-urgent, can't possibly wait, life-dependent texts, posts and online activity?


Are they YouTubing the Heimlich manoeuver to save me from choking? Being given instruction by a 111 operator on CPR? Perhaps they're frantically sending out their CV as all hopes of a being a social media influencer have been dashed.

Or maybe(that's code for highly likely), they're just wasting time with crap that, for the most part, doesn't even need to be said, but because it's the "done" thing they do it anyway - and how sad does that make them?

Wot u up 2?
On FB n txtng wit u (Note the great English and spelling) WTF jst walkd in2 a lampost LMAO U?
Tkng selfies n w8ing 4 Dr @A&E got hit by a Lime Scooter wen filmng a brawl. Ova 2k hits already.
K. meeting a m8 4 cofe dat il tots ignr 2 play Candy Crush LOL TTYL

Yep, it's riveting stuff alright and, sadly, it's not just reserved for the younger generation.

This virtual and particularly pointless repartee could easily wait for a face to face conversation or a once daily update but we seem to be consumed by giving blow-by-blow accounts of our every movement.

Like - OMG it's a friggen enormous earthquake, I know, rather than run and duck for cover, I'll just film the whole thing for mega-likes. Safety be buggered!

Last time I checked, it was called "oversharing" but, apparently, a bent neck and moving fingers qualify as "busy" these days and that in turn makes it important - according to self-delusional beliefs and a misguided sense of entitlement and self-importance.
Get over yourselves.

The very real truth is, they are so busy messaging, videotaping, uploading and downloading crap that they're just too "busy" to report or act upon real injustices - it's both despicable and disgraceful.

These very same losers are almost indignant and in disbelief, if they don't have a constant stream of alerts, updates or messages, constantly checking their non-responsive devices as if they have a fault - it's viewed as an affront to their ego and is quite pathetic to witness.

Social media, needia, greedia ... or whatever the hell you want to call it, has an awful lot to answer for.

Such a shame that most are " too busy" to recognise it!

But what do I know? This old bird thinks tweets are for twits, aka egotists who really believe their opinion is somehow more worthy than that of their mindless followers.

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