I've just spent the week wishing I had a "man-sized" tissue to cry into.

I read that Kleenex had one ... until it didn't, thanks to some PC complainer bitching that it was sexist and, even more shockingly, having the complaint acted upon.

OMG ... I'm not sure which is sadder - me, at the decision, or the complainant for having nothing better to do than actively seek out a negative that otherwise escapes the masses.



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I'm done ... over it, sick and bloody tired of the loud minority voice having the power to dictate the future of others simply because their warped and twisted brain wanders to where the sane one doesn't.

One great thing about opinions is that everyone gets to have one.

The same type of person that will call my opinion "hate speech" for no other reason than it doesn't agree with their own.

Well, here's mine.

In a world that blows hard about the freedom of speech, I'm sick and bloody tired of pussyfooting around and walking on (free-range) eggshells, for fear of offending some uptight, habitual hash-tagger and mandatory moaner, whose only way to validate their existence is to bitch endlessly to whoever will listen.

The same type of person that will call my opinion "hate speech" for no other reason than it doesn't agree with their own.

And, sadly, that's what it has come to. Not only are we unable to acknowledge another point of view, we see all opposing views as the enemy, worthy only of attack, contempt and judgment.

The real irony is that, in our efforts to appear PC, we fail to recognise our own intolerance.


It's that classic double standard ... you're welcome to your opinion as long as it aligns with mine. Anything less and you're a misinformed ignoramus.

Which, of course, is a matter of opinion -- that idealistic, fair and proper thing that we're all entitled to have, even it offends belligerent buffoons, compulsive complainers and petulant pains in the arses.

Well, I call bullsh*t!

Maybe I was guilty of complacency when I naively thought that "common sense" would surely prevail, not realising that common sense was as about as scarce as an honest politician.

Kleenex buckled under the pressure in an all-too-common bid to appear progressive and sycophantically sympathetic. How fortuitous for them that they also manufacture toilet paper.

Talk about opening a can of worms.

I'm surprised the worms aren't waving placards demanding gender reassignment surgery, in protest of being hermaphrodites.

How much longer must we tolerate the intolerable PC behaviour of these lunatic voices dictating our choices?

Never mind the financial cost of rebranding ... what about the greater implications?

Is Baby Shampoo exclusive to babies? Are Lady Fingers really tastier than those of men?

Will all products targeted specifically at a particular consumer, like razors, body sprays and perfumes, have to be marketed as unisex items in the future?

Is it OK for anything to be gender specific? What next - will woman claim ownership of testicular cancer too?

Seriously, some people need to get a life as opposed to destroying the lives of those around them, for no other reason than it's the only way they can exercise any type of power.

They're nothing more than emotional rapists of reason, trying desperately to control us with their convoluted complaints and crazy conspiracy theories.

What company spends millions on marketing to knowingly go out of its way to offend people by being sexist?

Kleenex to rebrand 'mansize' tissues after gender complaints

I'll tell you what's sexist ... women who actually do feel inferior and those who are so hell-bent on proving a point, they're prepared to use the absolutely ridiculous in some pathetic attempt to persuade the rest of us that the completely innocent and unintentional is, in fact, quite deliberate.

And to those tiny-minded, tedious, too-much-time-on-their-hands individuals who complained and won the battle - the war isn't over yet and you'll be needing a man-sized tissue when you lose it.

I've got two lady fingers ... and they're signalling "Up yours".

How much longer must we tolerate the intolerable PC behaviour of these lunatic voices dictating our choices?

If that's not a breach of our human rights, then what the bloody hell is?

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