Once again we have to cater to the lowest common denominator.

A fence in Fitzherbert Avenue is continually being targeted by errant motorists, its latest demolition being the third time this year and the ninth in 14 years, as the Chronicle reported yesterday.

The damage is being done by drivers who can't negotiate the corner linking Totara St and Fitzherbert Ave.

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It's not a difficult corner, and if you're sticking to the speed limit and driving to the conditions it should be a piece of cake. Most people manage it without drama.

But no ...

Because of a small number of people who shouldn't be on the road, infrastructure people are having to look at ways to make the corner "safer". Or to put it another way - "foolproof".

For the sake of public safety and for piece of mind of the poor people who have to keep paying to get their fence fixed, something has to happen to allow for the idiots who have trouble co-ordinating use of the steering wheel and accelerator at the same time.

Neighbours have said the corner is dangerous and they point to the number of near misses and the sound of squealing tyres as evidence.

Anyone would come to the same conclusion.

But just like road adjustments, speed limit changes and traffic control measures countrywide, they are put in place to allow people of limited driving ability to negotiate the road and its many hazards, ie, corners.

Because of those people, the bend will have to be adjusted. Perhaps a simple T-intersection will do the job with a series of signs from as far back as Tawhero School announcing a change of road conditions ahead. Or maybe a roundabout. Or perhaps traffic lights.

Since some motorists will never improve their driving or never suddenly grow that sixth sense called "common", ratepayer dollars will be spent on a study, a report, a recommendation and an eventual remedy.