It was good to have Whanganui councillors in the Duncan Pavilion, Castlecliff resident Lynne Douglas said, before telling them her rubbish dumping woes.

Whanganui District Council's property and community services committee met in the beachfront pavilion on Tuesday and about 10 residents came along to listen.

The meeting was chaired by its deputy chairman, Josh Chandulal-Mackay, in the absence of chairwoman Helen Craig.

"The council is doing things for us, and I think it's right that we reciprocate. It's good that they're using this venue, to bring it to the fore," Castlecliff resident Neil McIntosh said.


The meeting began with an introduction from Progress Castlecliff's James Barron and karakia and waiata from Tahi Nepia.

There were no microphones at the meeting, which made some councillors hard to hear.

Castlecliff stalwart Lynne Douglas began the public forum by talking about illegal rubbish dumping in the bays of North Mole and among the dunes.

She showed photographs and talked of animal remains being left for more than a day, maggots, and health issues related to people picnicing and people fishing for food.