A dispute between a father and son resulted in a sky decoder getting smashed on their kitchen floor.

Robert Barnes pleaded guilty at Whanganui District Court on Tuesday to changes related to contravening a protection order.

Police prosecutor Rachel Willemsen told Judge Phillip Crayton police were called to the scene after Barnes and his father began an argument with a neighbour.

Reportedly, during the argument Barnes' father told him to be quiet and Barnes took exception at being told what to do.


Barnes then proceeded to throw food items that included meat and bread at his father.
He also picked up a sky decoder and smashed it on their kitchen floor.

Barnes later told police they had an earlier argument about the use of the TV.

Judge Crayton noted that the decoder originally belonged to Barnes. "The damage was to your own property," he said

He said although Barnes breached his protection, order he had no history of violence.

Barnes was sentenced to 40 hours community service and 12 months community supervision.

"I hope this gives you the supervision you need to avoid reoffending," he said.