A farm fence was the only thing that stopped a car - carrying a toddler and two adults - from rolling down a bank in the Paraparas last month.

Levi Alexanda Taitumu-Chase was driving in breach of his learner licence, and in an unregistered and unwarranted car, on June 4.

He had another man, and a 2-year-old child in the car with him as he drove along the Parapara Rd.

Taitumu-Chase was trying to overtake a truck and trailer unit when he saw an oncoming vehicle and pulled back into the lane, police prosecutor Sergeant Rachel Willemsen said in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.


Taitumu-Chase had to brake hard, causing the car wheels to locked up and the car to skid for nearly 90m.

The car spun, and ended up against a farm fence that stopped it from going down the bank.

He pleaded guilty in court to careless driving.

Judge David Cameron fined him $250 and $130 court costs.