Raetihi residents have the power to get the WiFi back on, says the region's mayor.

Ruapehu District Council and the Waimarino-Waiouru Community Board have invited Raetihi residents to a community meeting to discuss the issues around returning free 24/7 WiFi and the installation of security cameras.

The meeting is tomorrow starting at 5.30pm at the Raetihi Primary School Hall.

The free WiFi at council's Raetihi office and library was switched off after hours on April 20 at the request of the police in attempt to curb a spate of vandalism and other anti-social behaviour that was occurring around the town at night.


The area around the council office and library had become a gathering point for young people after dark because of the free WiFi.

At the community board meeting on May 5 council committed to getting the free WiFi back on 24/7 as soon as possible.

However, this was not going to be before the installation of security cameras outside the Raetihi office and library, Ruapehu mayor Don Cameron said.

He said council also undertook to accelerate plans for free town wide WiFi within Raetihi.

"Ultimately the solution to the issues that led to this situation had to come from within the community itself.

"These are community issues and it will require a concerted whole of community response to resolve them," he said.

"The council and the community board will do all we can to work with the police, local iwi and other community organisations to resolve the current situation however without the full backing of Raetihi residents we will not get very far."

He was hoping for a big turnout at the meeting.