Hare Krishna devotee Yosoda Dulal is travelling the length of New Zealand spreading a simple message - "less is more".

Yosada visited Whanganui on March 16 to promote his philosophy of spiritualism.

"Its about reducing the stress we put on ourselves when we acquire so many material possessions."

Dulalhas travelled with his drum from Slope Point at the very bottom of the South Island, and will make his way up to Spirits Bay near Cape Reinga.


"I started with a horse but since Christchurch I've decided to walk, because the roads in New Zealand are not what they used to be.

"It's not really practical with all the big trucks."

Yosoda started with no money and relies on the generosity of people he meets to get by.

"People are very generous. I stay at people's homes - sometimes it's a palace and sometimes it's a hay shed.

"It's a way to meet people one-on-one."

"Sometimes people give money or sometimes it's a baked potato."

Yosoda, originally from Otago, has followed the Hare Krishna faith for 35 years.

Despite the long trek, Yosoda says he's in good shape.

"My feet are great. That's something we've forgotten how to do, is walk."

His walk commemorates 50 years of Hare Krishna faith in the West, with similar walks happening in 50 other countries.

"My walk will finish in July to coincide with the first official Hare Krishna society, started in New York City in [July] 1966."