The pedestrian crossing on Moana St near the Whanganui East shopping centre will be raised amid safety concerns.

Last year Whanganui District Council received complaints about the safety of the crossing. A safety review revealed either the distance of sight had to be increased or traffic slowed.

Council officers determined lowering the speed of cars by raising the crossing was the best way to do it and on Tuesday councillors voted in favour of raising the crossing at a cost of $10,000.

But some councillors questioned how unsafe the crossing was given crash data showed only two minor crashes involving pedestrians in the past 36 years.


"This business of telling us that they are unsafe is just not true," councillor Rob Vinsen said.

The raised crossing was backed by deputy mayor Hamish McDouall however who said in his own experience it felt dangerous.

"The visibility is shocking," he said. "I'm really supportive of this ... it may not be innately dangerous because of accident statistics but the perception of danger is massive."

Councillor Charlie Anderson added: "The danger is perceived not real so I'll be voting against it."

A safety assessment of the new raised crossing will be done in 12 months.