A man who had to be wrestled to the ground by two police and two bar staff said he no longer drinks as a result of the incident.

Jordan Whareaitu was outside Shooters Bar in Palmerston North on July 14 last year when he became upset with police and put his face up 30cm from an officer's and made an offensive comment, police prosecutor sergeant Drew Morrison said in Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

When officers and bar staff managed to restrain him, he was put in a police car where began banging his head on the window.

Defence lawyer Harete Hipango said it was Whareaitu's first time out clubbing.


"He overindulged in everything," she said, "particularly the alcohol."

Whareaitu apologised to the police and the court for his behaviour.

Ms Hipango said Whareaitu lives with and provides financial support to his grandfather.

"He no longer drinks," she said.

"He spends spare time outside of work in the gym."

Judge David Cameron convicted Whareaitu on one count of resisting police and ordered him to come up if called upon within six months.