Ask The Beauty Editor: ‘How Do I Stop My Skin From Drying Out While I’m In The Office?’

By Lucy Slight
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Dear Beauty Editor,

How do I stop my skin from drying out while working in an office?

From Dry-Za-Bone

Dear Dry-Za-Bone,

I understand your plight — an air-conditioned office can be a tough environment for your skin, especially if it’s naturally prone to dryness. My suggestion would be to make

In the morning, cleanse with a light cleanser, something creamy that’s not going to strip the skin. I love Vintner’s Daughter Active Renewal Cleanser because it cleanses thoroughly but maintains the skin’s pH balance. It’s suitable for all skin types too.

Next, I want you to spritz your skin. Any face mist product will do here, but if you’d like a recommendation, then I rate Dermalogica Hyaluronic Ceramide Mist very highly. While your skin is still damp, apply a hyaluronic acid serum. Dermalogica Circular Hydration Serum is designed to work in conjunction with the ceramide mist but if you already have an HA you love, then go for gold (just make sure you mist first).

HA serums provide deep hydration to the skin and help maintain hydration throughout the day by drawing upon external moisture (hence why you want to include a misting step). Plus, they are more often than not a gel formula, meaning they are very lightweight on the skin and sink in beautifully.

Now you want to layer up with a light moisturiser, such as Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. This cream is fantastic for dry skin as it’s virtually weightless, perfect for sensitive or reactive skin and it’s fragrance-free. Its mission is to help you maintain a healthy skin barrier (which can easily be compromised from air conditioning and sudden temperature changes).

To lock everything in and prevent moisture evaporation, I would suggest now applying a few drops of face oil to your skin. If you’re iffy on this step, I understand, but start with just a couple of drops and see how you go. I swear by applying oil as a last skincare step (before sunscreen, of course) as it really does help keep all those hydrating products in place. The Facialist Glow Oil is perfect for this, or any rosehip or jojoba oil-based product.

Finally, go in with your sunscreen of choice! With all these layers of skincare, you may want to opt for something lightweight too, so I would suggest La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra-Light Invisible Fluid SPF50+ if you like a chemical formula or Raaie Sun Milk Drops SPF 50+ if mineral sunscreens are more your thing. Then apply your makeup (if you wear any) and you’re done.

Now, office time. Despite this intensive hydration routine, you may still find your skin feels a little parched. That’s when I want you to reach for your spray as often as you need. You cannot spritz too much. This is also a great way to refresh your makeup and put a little bit of glow back into skin. Either pat it in gently with your hands or simply spray and walk away.

On particularly dry days, don’t be afraid to reapply a couple of drops of facial oil after you’ve spritzed to keep that moisture locked in. Just a tiny bit rubbed into your palms then patted gently into the skin will not only maintain hydration but make your skin look uber-radiant.

And, of course, don’t forget to keep a drink bottle at your desk and guzzle that H2O all day long!



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