A Cinnamon-Sweet Cologne To Wear Until Christmas & Other New Things Our Beauty Editor Loved This Week

By Ashleigh Cometti
Collage / Julia Gessler

A ‘clean girl aesthetic’ beauty essential, date night perfume and foamy new cleanser.

December 1 can elicit very different responses from people, depending on who you ask. For some, it induces a have-you-finished-your-Christmas-shopping-yet panic, while for others it ignites a giddy excitement as the first day you can .

But while I’m popping open the first window on mine (this year I’m working my way through Glasshouse Fragrances’ festive offering), I’m also reflecting on the best beauty treats to land on my desk this week, some festive, some not. Read on for my top picks.

Jo Malone London Ginger Biscuit 30ml Cologne, $136

For a fragrance you can really sink your teeth into, look no further than Jo Malone London’s Ginger Biscuit — a warm, gourmand aroma of freshly baked spiced biscuits.

It’s sweet, yes, but it settles beautifully on skin, to the point where I couldn’t smell it on myself, but my girlfriends asked that age-old “what perfume are you wearing?” question when I arrived at a cafe.

It should come with a disclaimer: it will make you hungry and crave gingerbread ASAP. The launch of Ginger Biscuit is accompanied by the addition of Green Almond & Redcurrant and the return of a time-honoured festive favourite — Orange Bitters.

If you’d like your cologne personalised, the brand is hosting a series of calligraphy events in Tāmaki Makaurau on the below dates and times: Saturday 9th December from 11am to 3pm at Farmers Newmarket; Sunday 10th December from 11am to 3pm at Smith & Caughey’s Queen Street; Friday 15th December from 1pm to 6pm at Farmers Sylvia Park; Saturday 16th December from 11am to 3pm at Farmers Albany; Sunday 17th December from 11am to 3pm at Farmers Botany.

Available from selected department stores including Smith & Caughey’s, or online at Smithandcaugheys.co.nz.

Tailor Gel Cleanse Hydrating Gel-To-Foam Cleanser, $50

Let me level with you — typically, I dislike foaming cleansers. I’ve tried many over the years, all of which have fallen short of my expectations, either leaving my skin feeling stripped and dry, or failing to remove makeup and impurities as promised on the tube.

While I’m not breaking up with balm cleansers just yet, Tailor’s newest cleanser has me rethinking foamy options. It’s formulated with a three per cent concentration of aloe vera, alongside oat protein, green tea extract, glycerin and milk thistle, to retain skin moisture, soothe and calm skin.

I first applied it to dry skin, massaging it in circular motions, before adding water to emulsify it into a foam. It’s not hugely bubbly like other foam cleansers (something I like about it) and removes easily with the Tailor towel (word to the wise, remember to wash it first or you’ll end up with little bits of fluff all over your face like I did).

Available from selected department stores and independent retailers, or online at Tailorskin.co.

Peachy Lip Co. Hair & Brow Tamer, $22

My tendency to wear my hair in a slick bun is partially due to the lack of time I have to get ready in the mornings, but also because I’ve fallen into the ‘clean girl aesthetic’ trap and I have no idea how to get out. Along with a handful of strong-hold hair ties, one of my slick bun go-to’s is a hair gel mascara to tame flyaways and secure stray hairs around my hairline.

I’ve currently been using one from the supermarket, but was excited to try the one by Peachy Lip Co. which landed on my desk earlier this week. It smells peachy (surprise surprise) and does a good job of smoothing hairs into submission. Although, the wand is quite small compared to my usual, so you have to work a little harder to collect all the hairs in one fell swoop.

Available from Peachy-lipco.com.

Versace Dylan Purple 100ml eau de parfum, $201

In search of a summer scent? Magnetic and alluring, Versace’s Dylan Purple speaks to hazy Italian sunsets, evoking sun-warmed skin with zesty citrus notes, fresh blossoms and delicate musk.

It is slightly heady (so if you prefer your scents with an earthy minerality then this may not be to your liking) but to me it feels celebratory — a party-ready perfume to accompany you long into a hot summer night.

The campaign imagery features nepo baby Iris Law (daughter of Jude Law and Sadie Frost) as she follows in the footsteps of Bella Hadid and Hailey Bieber who fronted the two Dylan fragrance launches before her.

Available from selected department stores and pharmacies or online at Lifepharmacy.co.nz.

Contrast Therapy at Sala

Further expanding on its wellness offering comes two new infrared saunas and an ice bath for the complete contrast therapy experience at Sala. The Ponsonby studio has carved a unique space for itself since first opening in 2018, and in the time since has diversified its offering to include group fitness classes, breathwork workshops, a co-working space and more.

Founder Sarah Lindsay says contrast therapy helps to round out Sala as a wellness mecca in which to achieve the ultimate in self-care.

“This extension solidifies our approach to movement as an act of self-care rather than counting calories. We hope this will encourage people to see all these offerings as tools to support a life well lived as one body not separate: socialising, movement, sweating,” she says.

The space now houses two new rooms conceptualised by interior designer Mijntje Lepoutre — one complete with an ice bath — alongside two Clearlight infrared saunas containing additional LED lights to supercharge collagen production, reduce stress, ease muscle tension and pain and boost the body’s detoxification processes.

Enjoy the Sauna-only room with a friend, priced at $50 for drop-in and $10 to add a friend, or try the Sauna + Ice with up to four people, priced at $100 for a drop-in and $10 to add each friend. Concessions are also available.

Visit Sala Studio, Level 1/56 Brown St, Ponsonby or online at Sala.studio.

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