I've decided to approach this summer differently from the others I've had here.

Working in radio in the bay and being a celebrant means my summers are usually full of work and it's a stressful time for me.

But I love it.

Like working in hospitality — you work while others are chilling. Except I deal with slightly fewer drunk people in radio/celebrant work. Though I am MCing a gig on New Year's Eve, so who knows.


Stress doesn't mean I'm not enjoying myself. Truth be known, I have a busy brain most of the time, so I like to be busy along with it!

But this summer I'm going to chill way more.

I've realised being an adult is actually just code for "you have to actually plan times to chill out and go to the beach or it won't happen and you're going to have a lot of bills and people will expect you to actually make decisions occasionally that affect your future and the future of others".

So this summer I'm going to do that "adult" thing and block out weekends, say no to things and work harder when I'm actually working. If I do that, then I really feel like I deserve my chill time.

This summer is going to be busiest in the BOP's history.

People are continuously moving here and there are more events than ever. We should all be super excited about that — we aren't the sleepy bach town that gets mobbed for six days over Christmas/New Year like we used to be. The season starts now and goes until mid-March really.

How great is that for business ventures and experiencing new things in the sun and summer temps?

The guilt when I'm chilling (and others are working) can sometimes make it hard to enjoy the time I've earned. But I'm going to try and offset that with a lawn-based beanbag and a G and T.

But not until midday.

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