Hawke's Bay businesses will this week be able to take advantage of government experts who can help make their jobs easier and free them up to focus more on products and services.

"This Government is working to give every small business in New Zealand the tools and the confidence to meet their potential, and realise their goals as a business," Minister for Small Business Stuart Nash said.

As part of that, Hawke's Bay businesses are invited to attend the Small Business Roadshow in Napier to receive support and advice on new Government initiatives.

"Support for the e-invoicing framework in Budget 2018 is just one example," Nash said.


"E-invoicing will enable significant modernisation of the way we do business, which is a priority for this portfolio.

"New operating funding announced in Budget 2018 will support the e-invoicing project within Mbie, driving its implementation across the Government and business sectors.

"The initiative will receive $5.83 million over the next two years and $1.27 million in 2017/18.

"E-invoicing is the ability to exchange information between the online accounting software of a supplier and a buyer. It creates economic benefits through faster payments and reduced transaction costs. It can deliver significant productivity improvements and savings from fewer invoicing errors and less time spent resolving errors. Incorrect or lost invoices contribute to about 40 per cent of all invoices being overdue."

E-invoicing relies on the use of the New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) administered by Mbie, which creates a transactional environment where there can be greater certainty of identity, more reliable information, less duplication and more efficiencies.

The Napier roadshow is one of 12 being conducted around New Zealand.

"Many successful large Hawke's Bay companies started as small or medium enterprises.
They have grown into significant businesses, in the process adding wealth and employment to Hawke's Bay communities," said Nash.

"We'd like to help Hawke's Bay's small businesses get even better. So, if you run one of the region's 66 child care services, 396 housing construction firms, or 24 sports and recreation facilities, or any other enterprise, come along to ask the tough questions of our experts.

"As well as playing a regulatory role the Government offers a range of services to help businesses be successful. We want to help owners and operators tap into these resources."

There will be up to 17 government agencies attending the event.

The roadshow will take place at the Napier Conference Centre at 12pm (noon) tomorrow (Thursday).