Dannevirke Clay Target Club's Dannevirke Hunting & Fishing and Beretta Duck Shooters Shoot was held on Sunday, March 31.

Fine weather and no wind saw targets hold their line. There was a good range of targets for those there to have a go at.

Calvin and Lloyd from Beretta brought with them a dozen new season field guns and 1000 rounds for people to play with the targets coming from two traps for free.

This was a great play station that was used throughout the day when those present had a little spare time.


Over the first round of 30 targets Harvey Verwaayen led the way with 26 targets broken.

This was followed by Royden Terry and Stewart Mitchell both on 25. There were a group of 6 others on 24: Alister Chapman, Caleb Mitchell, George Speedy, Rob Evans, Tug O'Brien and Neil Candy. Those on 23 were: Kelvin Anderson, Lachlan McNeur and Pete McNeur.

So there were plenty of people close enough to take the prize for the most targets shot.
From the comments and the queue, the lunch station run by Jenny Morton and Jocelyn Curran was the most popular station visited throughout the day.

The afternoon round was led by Stewart Mitchell and Mark Johnston with 26 of the 30. Rob Evans with 25. Those who rounded out the next groups were (24): Kelvin Anderson, Ben Schnell and Tug O'Brien. (23): Barry Hunt, Rob Means and Dave Smith. And on (22): Royden Terry, George Speedy, Dave Kirk, and the morning's leader Harvey Verwaayen.

Lloyd from Beretta, Harvey Verwaayen and Richard France (Dannevirke Hunting and Fishing).
Lloyd from Beretta, Harvey Verwaayen and Richard France (Dannevirke Hunting and Fishing).

So the top place for the day went to Stewart Mitchell with a well shot 51/60. In second place was Rob Evans and third equal Harvey Verwaayen and Tug O'Brien. Interestingly the average number of targets shot in each round was 19/30. So the average 38/60 was nearly 2/3 of the targets.

A table full of prizes saw people leave with some great rewards. This included Donald Irvine whose name was drawn for the second top prize — a pair of large decoys mounted on a ground stand.

Top prize for the day was a $1500 voucher sponsored by Dannevirke Clay Target Club and Dannevirke Hunting & Fishing. His day got a whole lot better when Harvey Verwaayen had his name drawn out.

The day was organised for people to have fun and be challenged. From the comments made from those who attended this was achieved. Plans are already under way for next year.