You always suspected it, and now it's official - down at the Riverbank Centre, people are losing their minds. Is there something in the water? No… they are just rehearsing for their next production which opens Friday September 7.

The production is called 'Forget-Me-Knot', a play written by David Tristram.

Directed by Pamela Black (winner of the NAPTA award for Best Play Director for her production of 'The Vicar of Dibley' in 2016), and starring Tane Davis as Robert Zeinfeld, Louisa Dearlove as Dr. Samantha Munroe, Cara Schagen as Julia Zeinfeld and Pani Taukiri as Inspector Jim Munroe, 'Forget-Me-Knot' is a comedy about amnesia and infidelity.

Robert Zeinfeld is found wandering the streets of Leicester at 4 a.m. There's no clue how he got there, just a bruised head and a suspicious police inspector for company. But... perhaps he hasn't lost his memory at all; perhaps it's all an elaborate cover-up. The deeper the policeman digs, the more confused he gets. But the truth always comes out in the end. Or does it?


This is not the first time the Whangarei Theatre Company has produced a play written by David Tristram. In September last year the company performed the highly-enjoyable 'The Opposite Sex', also penned by Tristram.

'Forget-Me-Knot' opens Friday September 7 and runs until Saturday September 22. For more information about this production, please visit: