By Natalie Tolhopf

As a business coach who supports kiwi entrepreneurs, many of them are mothers. Not only are they running their own business, but the family as well. While time appears to be the enemy, we find, after digging deeper it is something else.

The good news is that it is an easy fix!

The discovery is that they are multi-tasking. At the time it feels efficient and keeps the never-ending to-do list small. But the reality is, this way of working is energy-draining and evidence shows us that broken focus makes the outcomes less effective.


When you are jumping from one task to another it is said to make you 40 per cent less productive!

How can you create more time with focus and learn to work with less tabs open?

Here are five tips that I use and share with my clients:

Check to see how many tabs you have open when you are working? Only have open the one or two you need to get your work done. By closing down the others, you give your brain and habit the chance to not want to jump into something else. Quickly, just for a minute!

Plan your day the night before. I know this isn't a new tip. But business success really does start with the basics. So, you want to hit your desk knowing what your top three priorities are for the day to get done.

Are you breaking down your business goals into bite-sized chunks? Having a weekly goal or intention is great for fueling focus. You know exactly where you are heading and can say 'no' to something if it isn't aligned to what you need to achieve. When you start setting weekly goals you will notice how realistic your own timelines are. This is an eye opener!

Look at delegating areas of running the household and the biz. Think virtual assistant or online shopping. When someone can do something in one hour that takes you four is more efficient to outsource. That way you can spend more time in your genius zone and selling.

Exercise. Yes, not rocket science again but so good to deal with mental chatter. Have a walk, run or whatever your gig is and let your brain download. I know that my brain loves knowing it is going to have time to just let go, be creative and problem-solve while walking the dog. Plus, it is a great time to set and visualise your day intentions.

We get more of what we focus on. And our results come from the actions we take. So, all you multitasking mums out there - give yourself the gift of focus!