The world is such a small place to traverse these days and the destination choices are endless. In three short hours you could be dipping your feet poolside, at the Sofitel, Denarau, or perusing the Sydney Opera House from above. Double that plus a few more hours and you could be arriving at LAX before you even left home, hankering for that maxi-burger with double mayo and fries. Thanks to Qantas you can now be sipping a real ale beer at The Dog and Duck in London's Soho seventeen and a half hours after take-off - if you live in Perth.

Travelling has become such an enjoyable experience for many. Whether cruising, flying, tramping, sailing, cycling, busing or just driving, destination activities and climate are an important pre travel consideration. In some cases, a three-week travel itinerary can comprise of two different seasons in one trip, but you don't get to take a bigger bag.

Clever packing for your trip away can make or break your holiday.

"On your trip you'll meet two kinds of travellers: those who pack light and those who wish they had." Rick Steves.


Getting it right needs planning, unless you prefer that 'packhorse' experience for the duration of your trip. One great tip which resonated was that the 'just in case' additions are never needed. How often I have travelled with those back-up pieces, usually two pairs of shoes as well, that never see the light of day.

Staying neutral is always a good tip, classic, in style, but not 'wow' garments. Keep the standout pieces as accessories – bold scarves or jewellery, which can be stuffed in socks and packed into walking shoes. Choose roomy garments in easy laundered fabrics that don't require ironing with a sleeve or cold shoulder. They can be worn for cooler evenings or as an outer shell garment, over a base and thermal layer in cooler climates.

Some 'precise' travellers have been known to narrow down their travelling wardrobe to three colours e.g. red, black and beige, ensuring every clothing combination works. Could become slightly tedious six weeks in though, unless you went 'all out' with fluro nail polish and dyed your hair purple.

Another essential is your NZ merino scarf or cape. This garment is a great rug or neck pillow during a cold flight and it can be worn as a scarf, cape or jumper throughout your journey. Folded, it fits into a roomy handbag, emerging as an edgy cardy in a thunderstorm.

Packing your holiday into a 23kg bag with 7kg carry-on luggage can be as challenging as you make it. One thing to remember, your destination will often have reasonably-priced local items that you can purchase en route, unless of course you are heading to Asia and have a size 12 shoe size. Remember to do your homework, if you forget the 'just in case' little numbers, you'll have more room.