Have you come back to work longing or loathing to be with your business? It's time for a check-up with Doctor Love.

As with any relationship, we can get complacent, over-eager, not be on the same page and well... bored.

Establishing where you are at right now can help you create a better relationship with your business. What kind of relationship do you currently have with your business?

The love affair


Do you take one last look at your email before you go to sleep? Do you wake up to see who has liked your social media post? Are you wanting to spend your spare time in your business?

If you identify with this, try setting some boundaries around work and family time.

Leave your phone in the kitchen during dinner. Buy an alarm clock so that the phone stays out of your bedroom. Try closing all your apps and tabs while working, and focus on single tasks.

You will be more efficient and have more time to spend on other things. You might even get to spend time with friends. Being with a group of friends outside of your business, helps keep perspective.

Love lost

Do you feel like you are just going through the motions? Are you doing jobs that you really dislike? Do you feel like you would rather get a job?

Often, we do tasks that aren't in our genius. Look at ways to delegate tasks that you loathe so you can spend more time doing the tasks you do love. Connect each day with the reason why you went into business.

Take five minutes to write down the reasons (a bit like a gratitude journal). This will help remind you why you fell in love in the first place.

One minute you are full of love for your business and then next can be all off. Don't worry, this rollercoaster feeling is completely normal as an entrepreneur.

Natalie Tolhopf is a business coach and
founder of Catapult Your Business, helping business owners to smash through imperfection and mindless scrolling, to create a business of simplicity through action and intuition.