My name is Erana Brown. I am 18 years old and unemployed.

I am currently on a course called Kiwimana for the duration of seven weeks with three weeks dedicated to work experience. Founded by Therese Wickbom, the course is solely based around helping youth into work.

From November 14-24, I was accepted into a work placement at Anne of Craicor Kerikeri. Anne and her team of women guided me into the world of high fashion retail and gave me a lot of necessary experience in the hospitality field and customer service. The store has a wide range of clothing, sleepwear, lingerie and swimwear imported from all around the world. Anne of Craicor has a delicate design flare and a juxtaposition in fabrics and textures that targets a wide age demographic. The versatility of clothing and styles is one of the many reasons the people of Kerikeri value Anne of Craicor as a high-fashion store. The employees are specialised in knowing what works for your body. They are educated and passionate about finding the right thing and the right fit for you. Customers are always taken care of and greeted with beautiful smiles. I am extremely privileged to have had the opportunity to work with Anne, Lorraine, Juliet and Gwenyth.

Make sure to visit Anne of Craicor Kerikeri, you are worth it.