Recently, I accompanied my son on his first Cub Scout outing.

It was a trek up Mount Manaia to have lunch and enjoy the views. We rode out the, "are we there yet's" and the not so quiet moans and groans until we made it to the top, a proud moment for this Mum!

It took Master Eight a while to look at the view. For some time, I thought we were destined to check out the bushes and rocks with our sandwiches in hand. We had come so far; the look out was breathtakingly worth it yet he didn't want to look.

It was fear.


Once we went back down the steps, off the rock, he was able to relax, regroup and take another shot at looking out, all by himself. This time I heard him say, "Mum! It looks like a painting; it's beautiful!"

I thought it was an interesting example of what it can be like in business and life.

One rarely stops to look at the view they have worked so hard for. Fear can hold us back from the picture that lies before us. Do we acknowledge the steps that we have taken to the top or even stop and breathe long enough to look into the horizon?

What is fear anyway?

It's limiting. It's our self-talk.

The influences from others and something that can be overridden with excitement.

Don't close your eyes as you lift up higher.

Don't miss the view because you were scared.


Ground yourself, surround yourself with safe people and pull out the binoculars because that is where you are headed!