Having claimed first place on the Premier 1 table with victory over Marist Magic last week, Murupara Stingers take on Rotorua Girls' High School this weekend.

Rotorua Girls' sit just one win behind Murupara, meaning this weekend's match-up is another crucial one.

Meanwhile, Marist will look to bounce back from last week's defeat when they take on Mitchell Downs and Kahukura Red are playing Waikite Panthers.

Senior Championship
Note: Senior B, Hinemoa Point Bye


Ct 01: Premier 1, Marist Magic v Mitchell Downs; Ct 02: Premier 1, Kahukura Red v Waikite Panthers; Ct 03: Premier 2, Marist Rebels v Eastside Gurls 1; Ct 04: Premier 2, Whaka Black v Tuhoe; Ct 05: A Grade, Marist Inferno v Waikite Social; Ct 06: A Grade, Kahukura Blue v Ngongotaha Hapori; Ct 07: A Grade, Ngati Kea Ngati Tuara v Manawatahi Black; Ct 08: Senior B, KTTTOF GIRLS v Mana.

Ct 01: Premier 1, RGHS Prem 1 v Murupara Stingers; Ct 02: Premier 2, Pikiao Warriors v Ngongotaha Gold; Ct 03: Senior A, Rotoiti Gold v Waikite Flamez; Ct 04: Senior A, Reporoa Rangers v Pikiao Raiders; Ct 05: Senior A, Manawatahi Taiohi v Kahukura White; Ct 06: Senior B, Eastside Gurls 2 v Vegas Lady Bugs; Ct 07: Senior B, Marist Souls v The Chix.

Secondary School Championship
Ct 01: Collegiate D, RLHS Jnr Blue v JPC Coll Y9 Orange; Ct 02: Collegiate D, JPC Coll Y10 Blue v WHHS Y9&10 Violet; Ct 03: Collegiate C, WHHS Y9&10 Gold v RGHS Jnr Blue; Ct 04: Collegiate C, RGHS Jnr Maroons v WHHS Y9 Blue; Ct 05: Collegiate C, Rep Coll Y9&10 v Kahukura Jnr White; Ct 06: Collegiate B, RLHS Jnr Gold v Tawhiuau Tirotiro Y9&10; Ct 07: Collegiate B, JPC Coll Y9 Maroon v JPC Coll Y9 Yellow; Ct 08: Collegiate B, RGHS Jnr A v WHHS Jun Dev; Ct 09: Collegiate A, Rotoiti Juniors Y9&10 v Kahukura Jun Red; Ct 10: Collegiate A, WHHS Jnr A v RIN Taonga; Ct 11: Collegiate A, RLHS Jun A v JPC Coll Y10 Black.

Ct 01: Open Sec C, WHHS Sen Blue v WHHS Sen B; Ct 02: Open Sec A, JPC Coll Sen A v RGHS Jnr Prems; Ct 03: Open Sec C, Huiarau Tukana Y11-13 v RLHS Sen Devel; Ct 04: Open Sec B, WHHS Sen Dev v JPC Coll Sen Devel; Ct 05: Open Sec B, RGHS Prem 2 v Kahukura Snr Blue; Ct 06: Open Sec B, Nga Wharekura o Rotorua Y11-13 v Rep Coll Sen A; Ct 07: Open Sec A, Ngongotaha Pirahnaz v WHHS Sen A; Ct 08: Open Sec A, JPC Coll Y10 White v RLHS Sen A.

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