Developing student athletes mentally and emotionally so they can be successful in all aspects of life is a key focus o' />

From Rotorua Boys' High School
Developing student athletes mentally and emotionally so they can be successful in all aspects of life is a key focus of the Sport MiNZ program offered at Rotorua Boys' High School.
It was also a key element highlighted to 30 parents during a special information evening held at the school last week.
Director of the Boys' High SportMiNZ Academy, Grant Yarrall, said the evening, which featured guestspeaker Tony Hickmore, was designed to promote the benefits of the program to parents and show how holistic its' approach was.
"Boys' High was one of four schools around the country that participated in the Sport MiNZ pilot scheme, which aims at identifying talented young sportspeople and helping them to develop their potential," he said.
"So far I am impressed with what we've seen. We've noticed an increase in the boys' physical development, but we've also noticed they are becoming more focused on their school work. More importantly we've had boys saying how the programme has helped them as much on the sportsfield as in the classroom."
Assuming interest in the program translates into enrolments, Yarrall expects the school will boast one Level 3 class, two level two classes and three Level One classes next year. He is also confident the programme has benefits for parents who are taught about their role in their children's development as well as the importance of coaching and role models.
"The beauty of Sport MiNZ is everyone is part and parcel of the program - it benefits many people," said Yarrall.
Each year 25 students are selected to participate by sitting a written test and then undergoing a series of physical tests.
The programme is set up in the following format:
Level 1 (Year 9): Talent identification, learning emotional control and management techniques.
Level 2 (Year 10): Thinking and decision-making process.
Level 3(Year 11): Applying thinking, decision-making and emotional control processes learnt in earlier levels in a simulated competitive situation. Zone and index training.
Level 4 (Year 12): Customising above techniques so they are relevant to each individual. Pre and post competition processes.
Level 5 (Year 13): Practical application of systems and techniques in high performance competition.