It was a great day of celebration and remembrance as the last surviving veteran of Māori Battalion B Company was awarded the highest honour by the Italian Republic by Ambassador Fabrizio Marcelli.

This was also a tribute to all young Māori who fought in the formidable Māori Battalion. A knighthood bestowed on Mr Robert Gillies was a befitting gesture as the last soldier from 3600 men.

However, where was the president of the NZ RSA, NZ Prime Minister, Governor-General or local member of parliament, or the Māori King for such an event?

Maybe a NZ knighthood could be bestowed by our own Government and show the respect the Italian Republic has shown and all meet again for another wonderful day.


G V Shuter

No place for fireworks

Guy Fawkes is a British thing, it has no place in New Zealand history - or everyday life - so why do we allow the selling and the letting off of fireworks?

They are way beyond the nuisance level, they are reaching the stage where they are making more enlightened people and animals - especially dogs - extremely frightened.

Is this what we have become - so idiotic that we allow the simple few to terrorise and annoy the rest of the community?

I would sincerely suggest that the local council thinks seriously about a total ban on the private sale and use of these useless and seriously dangerous explosives.

I am sure the fire department would agree.

Jim Adams
Fairy Springs

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